Following a serendipitous meeting on a train through the rugged Turkish countryside, two women unite for a journey that will offer new insight into the importance of charting one's own path, wherever it may lead.

Leyla (Basak Koklukaya) is a lawyer and a poet who has decided to attend her high school reunion after 25 years of neglecting previous invitations. Canan (Oyku Karayel) is a young nurse in training who dreams of one day becoming an actress. The two women meet on the train and quickly form a relationship as each sees something of herself in the other-women making their own way in a sometimes hostile world. Gradually, Leyla learns that Canan's reason for travel is more momentous than previously thought: She is traveling to the home of a colleague's friend, a quadriplegic man, to assist him in his suicide. 



Year: 2017

Original Title : İse Yarar Bir Sey

Director: Pelin Esmer

Screenplay: Pelin EsmerBaris Bicakci

Cinematography: Gökhan Tiryaki

Producer: Pelin EsmerMarsel Kalvo

Executive Producer: Yonca Erturk

Associate Producer: Dilde MahalliNefes Polat

Art Director: Elif Tascioglu

Editor: Pelin EsmerEvren Lus

Cast: Oyku KarayelBasak KoklukayaCuneyt YalazYigit Ozsener

Running Time (minutes): 107

Language: Turkish (with Eng subtitles)

  • Turkish Film Festival
  • Turkish Film Festival
  • Turkish Film Festival